If you are refinancing your mortgage or buying a new home, our company will assist you with all types of settlement services. If any defect is discovered during the title search process, a claim against the title may arise. The closing agent might find the deed to be defective, or the seller’s predecessors in title might have judgement against the agreement of the new parties.

Whenever an objection arises, Majesty Title Services will help you clear up the title and comply with all the requirements set forth on the binder. We guarantee the security of all transactions, including paying off previous taxes owed to release the property for lien. Even in case of more substantial objections requiring probate, our closing agents and attorneys will assist you during all the steps until a settlement is reached and a a closing statement is executed.


Majesty Title Services brings modernity and digitalization to real estate transactions. We work with clients all across the country with a focus on local level. You’re not just a number to us: your opinion and choices will always matter.

We know how to get the best out of the latest digital technologies to make the entire process of filing, searching and settling objections to the title smoother and quicker. No need for long waiting times, cumbersome paperwork and slow bureaucracy anymore. We can generate title and closing documents almost instantly and in the most accurate way so you can access them from anywhere! All transactions will be handled online with electronic delivery of title commitments, instant confirmation of title number, and real-time order status monitoring.

Settlement and clearance of objections to the title include:

  • Written request for pay-off information on any outstanding mortgages
  • Deeds of trust
  • Disposition of any money judgments, federal or state tax liens
  • Clearance of any outstanding interests of prior owners, their heirs at law or spouses
  • Examination of any judicial proceedings affecting the chain of title
  • Close interaction with new mortgage lenders to ensure their numerous requirements are complied with scheduling the settlement
  • Document preparation, including HUD-1 Settlement Statements, Affidavits of Title, Deeds (where permissible by State Law) and other documents necessary for the effective
  • Transfer of title and creation of security interests
  • Conducting the settlement, including document signing & notarization, procurement of necessary legal documents, disbursement of closing funds and the payoff of existing liens
  • Recordation of Deeds, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Releases
  • Document Delivery to Lender
  • Secure Online posting of Purchaser/Borrower Closing packages and Title Policies
  • REO and Short Sale expertise